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Ladies and gents, welcome to the Holiday Lettings blog—a resource jam-packed with ideas for your next getaway! Whether that’s the big family break when school’s out for summer or a romantic escape just for two, our aim is to give you as much holiday home inspiration you can handle. And then a bit more!


In 1999 (gosh – has it really been almost 20 years?!) Holiday Lettings started out on its mission – to help people find their perfect holiday home.

Thinking back, travel was very different then. Concorde was still in the skies and people found their way to staycation destinations with paper maps rather than satnavs. Imagine!

The blog you’ve discovered today has been around for a lot less than 20 years. BUT, it’s already helped thousands of people looking for things to do and places to stay not only in the UK, but around the world. We hope it helps you, too!



From Padstow to Paris, Birmingham to Bali, even Norfolk to New York City, you’ll find inspiration for holidays in every type of accommodation you can imagine and to suit your budget. Self-catering farmhouse in Cornwall? Done. Townhouse for two in London? Next!

Or perhaps you know you need to get away from it all, but just don’t quite know what or where…



Anonymous hotels rooms that all look the same? Sorry, but that’s just not our cup of tea. How about renting your own castle or manor house? A windmill on a Greek island? Everyone wants holidays they’ll remember for years, and that’s what you’ll find here on Holiday Lettings.

One thing’s for sure: once you start browsing our blog, you’ll be booking annual leave before you can say “bucket and spade”.

Start looking!