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Post-Christmas rentals to beat the January blues - Home and away

When the excitement of Christmas subsides, January can seem like a long and dull month. That’s where...

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Best Dog-Friendly Holidays In The UK—Which One Gets Your Vote?

If your holiday doesn’t feel complete without the dog, don’t worry. There’s no need to leave your...

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10 Under-The-Radar World Destinations Worth A Visit In 2019

If you're anything like us, you've already started searching for your next destination and planning out your...

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Where To Go In November - The Best UK Holiday Destinations & Events

If you love wrapping up warm and watching dazzling firework displays, you’re in for a treat this month....

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The UK’s Spookiest Halloween Events! Which One Gets Your Vote?

Brush off your broomsticks, pick a pumpkin to carve and don your most frightening fancy dress… it’s...

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What To Do And Where To Stay For The Best October Events

Crunchy leaves, bonfires, cosy cafes and festival fun; October is the perfect time to combine a holiday...

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10 Of The Best Destinations For October Half-Term Holidays

If the thought of keeping the kids entertained this October half-term fills you with dred, have no fear!...

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On-Trend Travel: Top 10 Coolest Hipster City Destinations In The UK

One of the many fantastic things about holidays is trying something new. From cutting-edge cuisine and inspiring...

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5 Tasty Tours Of World Famous Food Markets—And Where To Stay During Your Visit

One of the best ways to experience a new place—to understand its culture, history, and vibe—is by tasting...

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What To Do In September: Best Holiday Destinations & Events In The UK

The blackberries are ripening, the leaves are changing and the smell of bonfires is in the air; it can only...

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12 Best Hiking Holiday Destinations In The UK

If you’ve got a love of the great outdoors and a sense of adventure that’s itching to be unleashed,...

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11 Exciting Destinations for Horse Riding in the UK

If enjoying the countryside on horseback is your idea of a perfect getaway, this one’s for you. Below...

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Best UK Comedy Festivals Worth Booking A Holiday For!

With the Edinburgh Festival Fringe happening this month (probably the biggest celebration of arts and culture...

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Where To Go In August: Best Holiday Destinations & Events In The UK

If you’ve not booked your summer holiday yet, how about an August event to inspire you? There are still...

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The UK’s Most Popular Carnivals: Vote For Your Favourite!

It’s party time! Nothing says fun like a colourful carnival and the UK is lucky enough to host a flotilla...

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WIN! A digital detox getaway for two in a luxury treehouse

Win a digital detox getaway in a luxury treehouse Our parent company TripAdvisor Rentals has teamed...

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10 Best Hidden Gem Summer Holidays In The UK

Official summer holiday season is almost upon us! And lo and behold, we’ve got the weather to match......

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Where To Go In July 2018: Best UK Holiday Destinations And Top Events

Summertime is officially here and what better way to make the most of the good weather than with a holiday?...

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Best Destinations for Cycling Holidays in the UK

The wind in your hair, the world rushing by and the buzz of endorphins as you power yourself along – there’s...

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10 Top-Rated Riverside Holidays In The UK

If you could do with a relaxing stay in a beautiful setting, a riverside holiday could be just what you’re...

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Where To Go In June 2018: Best UK Holiday Destinations & Top Events

What To Do In June - The UK’s Top Events There’s definitely no shortage of exciting things to do in June!...

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Most Popular UK Vineyards For A Wine-Lover’s Holiday: Vote For Your Favourite!

A great way to relax on holiday is sitting back with a chilled glass of white wine or a smooth, fruity...

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Announcing The TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Winners: The 30 Best Holiday Homes In The World

If you’ve been daydreaming about your next holiday—and let’s face it, who hasn’t been with winter...

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8 Gorgeous Walled Cities To Visit In Your Lifetime

For many centuries, towns and cities built walls around their perimeters to defend their citizens. Today...

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The UK’s Favourite Flower And Garden Shows: Which One Gets Your Vote?

Want to know your rhododendrons from your rudbeckia? Wondering when is the best time to plant your petunias?...

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Where To Go In May 2018: Top Events And Best Holiday Destinations In The UK!

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, May is one of the best months to get out and about,...

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Guest Post: The Mystery of Unknown History - Why I Ended Up in the State of Virginia by James Bruce

At Holiday Lettings, we firmly believe that travel is an enriching experience. That’s why we decided...

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10 Of The Best-Rated Beach And Seaside Destinations In The UK

It’s coming up to that time in the UK calendar when it seems safe to start thinking about three things:...

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10 Amazing Cave Houses Where You Can Spend The Night

If you’d like a change from the usual travel accommodation, why not get back to nature with an Insta-worthy...

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5 Lesser-Known European Islands You Have to Visit

When you think of a European island paradise, places like Santorini, Ibiza and Capri probably come to mind—but...

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Where To Go In April 2018: Amazing Events & Holiday Destinations In The UK

With the ‘Beast from the East’ behind us and spring in the air, it’s time to blow the cobwebs away...

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Egg Hunts & Other Cracking Easter Events In The UK, 2018

It doesn’t matter how old you are, many of us can’t resist a good Easter egg hunt! And why not? You can burn...

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Egg-cellent UK Counties: 12 Of The Best Places To Go This Easter

With spring tantalisingly close, the UK is choc-a-block with egg-citing Easter events – from egg hunts...

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Most Affordable Times to Visit 10 Of The Priciest Destinations In 2018—Based Off Holiday Rental Rates

Looking for a luxury getaway at an affordable price? At Holiday Lettings, we’ve rounded up 10 of the priciest...

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Top Couple Travel Bloggers 2018

Awesome Couple Blogs Worth Following! If you and your significant other can’t wait to escape the nine...

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The Most In-Demand UK Cities of 2018… So Far!

Following on from our Most in-Demand Towns, we’ve taken a closer look at which cities are proving the most...

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Where To Go In March: Best Holiday Destinations & Events In The UK

The daffodils are popping up, the clocks are changing and the evenings are getting lighter – looks...

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15 Most In-Demand UK Towns For 2018… So Far!

Not booked your 2018 holiday yet? Let us inspire you… According to our data, these are the 15 best...

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10 UK Romantic Restaurants You’ll Fall In Love With

We recently rounded up the UK’s 10 most romantic cities to offer some inspiring ideas for Valentine’s...

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The UK's 10 Best Holiday Destinations For Fun February Events

It might still be a bit chilly out there, but who needs wall-to-wall sunshine when you’ve got these...

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10 Of The Most Romantic City Breaks In The UK

Chocolates and roses are great, but if you really want to impress, how about whisking your beloved away...

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10 Romantic Towns And Villages For A Winter Break

Winter doesn’t feel quite so cold when you’ve got someone to snuggle up to. Why not treat your significant...

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10 Incredible Jumanji-Inspired Treehouse Stays Around The World

Wednesday 20th December saw the hotly anticipated UK release of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a reboot...

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The UK’s 10 Best Places To Visit In January For Top Winter Events

What better way to beat the post-Christmas blues than with a holiday in January? If you thought there...

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6 Epic Trips To Check Off Your Travel Bucket List—And 5 New Ideas To Add Right Now

What better way to get excited for 2018 than by checking off one of those epic holiday ideas on your...

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10 Great UK New Year’s Eve Breaks That Won’t Break The Bank

Whether you want to party into the small hours this New Year's Eve or see in 2018 in the comfort of a holiday...

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12 Great Winter Sun Holidays Across The Globe—And Where To Stay

To help you avoid the inevitable winter blues, Holiday Lettings has compiled a gorgeous selection of winter...

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20 Affordable UK Winter Holiday Destinations You Might Not Have Thought Of

We all know that Christmas can be a pricey time of year, but if you’re still longing for a holiday...

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Follow Prince Harry's 'Love Journey' With Your Own Royal Holiday

With the exciting announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, Holiday Lettings is following...

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20 Best Affordable Christmas Getaways in the UK

If the thought of staying at home again this Christmas isn’t filling you with joy, it’s not too late...

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